Black Friday Dream Job

Black Friday Dream Job: Get Paid $8,000 To Go Online Shopping

What wallet? You don’t have to bring one with you since we will be paid you $8,000 to go shopping on Black Friday!

Michael Lewis

How Many Americans Could Trump's Treatment Save?

[Infographic] How Many Americans Could Trump’s Treatment Save?

Thousands of Americans could have been helped using Trump’s overly expensive COVID treatment that is worth $500,0…

Michael Lewis

2020 Halloween Statistics

2020 Halloween Statistics: Annual Expenditure Drops By 10%, Lowest In The Last 4 Years.

Halloween 2020 will receive a drawback as expenditure is expected to decrease this year with a 10% drop…

Michael Lewis

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker – What Is It & How to Setup?

In our debt-ridden world where financial security is always a gamble, saving money is incredibly important. There are a lot…

Michael Lewis

Labor Day Confessions

On 3rd September, we conducted a survey of 1015 Americans to see if they still consider celebrating this upcoming Labor Day despite their professions being badly affected by this pandemic.

Michael Lewis

Over 90% of Americans Overspending While Working at Home

A survey was conducted by CouponLawn, seeking information from work-from-home workers and seeing if they need financial therapy or assistance in the time of the pandemic.

John Howard

Americans become more financially stressed than ever over money.

Many Americans are becoming more anxious about money. According to the survey conducted by Northwestern Mutual, money ranks first as…

Michael Lewis

The “After Stimulus Checks” Life of The Unemployed Americans

49% of unemployed Americans are asking the Fed to extend the $600 unemployemnt insurance? Read on for more!

Michael Lewis

Coronavirus and Money Saving

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Americans Money Saving Habit

With the looming clouds of the coronavirus pandemic, differences can be observed. The most popular helpful change is the lockdown…

John Howard