Christmas 2020 Statistics: Average Spending On Gifts Drops By 15%

Michael Lewis

A Christmas That We’ve Never Seen Before

With the pandemic going on, it is expected that this year’s Christmas will be very different compared to what we are used to since almost every aspect of our lives has been affected badly forcing us to shift and adapt to new alternatives. Each individual is affected differently. For instance, some cannot see their families due to travel restrictions, and consumers will more likely save their money instead of spending it this Christmas, which is why this year’s Christmas will have the lowest expenditure over the last few years. Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, there are many ways to adjust to the new normal.  

christmas 2020 statistics

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Average Spending on Christmas 2020

Based on the data we gathered, statistics show that the spending average for Americans will be more or less $805 only. Compared to last year’s average of $942, which was the highest in the last 8 years, it is much lesser than this year’s average spending. People simply choose to spend less on gifts and decorations for various reasons the pandemic has brought upon.

Another reason could be because of financial difficulties. Many lost their jobs, and the possibility of jobs continuing dropping is high since the COVID cases in the U.S continue to increase as well with 13 million cases as of November 29. There are some people that choose to save their money instead of spending it as well

What Will Appear In Children’s Stocking This Christmas?

As we all know, children are eager to know what is inside of their Christmas stockings, and they are quite impatient in that. So, what will children be receiving this year? It turns out that a whopping percentage of 74% of American adults will purchase sweets such as candy, chocolate, and gum. 

On the other hand, only 29% of American parents will be buying their children movies, music, and books.

Top Purchased Gifts in 2020

Over the last 9 years, clothes have always been consistent as the number one gift for Christmas, but for this year, that is no longer the case. Only 43% consumers will be purchasing clothes this year, which is 12% less than last year’s. People seem to prefer gift cards to give instead with 48% consumers buying. Although gift cards are the number one option, it is 5% less than last year’s purchase rate.

Top Retailers That Christmas Shoppers Plan To Buy From

The best way to save money on Christmas is to buy from retailers. They offer good values and discounts that help their consumers save money in their purchases. It is no surprise that Amazon is the option for many, with 64% of consumers that are looking forward to purchasing soon while other retailers have a percentage of 58% below.

Leading Concerns About Shopping for 2020 Christmas

As expected, since people care less in the United States about proper safety protocols, it is not surprising that 71% consumers are concerned about other shoppers that are not taking the coronavirus seriously. These are the people who do not care about social distancing, wearing a face mask, etc. 70% are anxious about people getting too close.

While these are the main concerns, 29% of consumers have difficulties in finding time for shopping.

Share of Consumers Who Plan To Use Contactless PickUp During Christmas

People are shifting towards contactless pickup to avoid the risk of getting infected, which is the best way to be safe while shopping during this pandemic. More than 50% prefer contactless pickup this year.

Top Safety Measures That Americans Most Likely To Apply During Xmas

There will be a lot of shoppers despite the pandemic but staying safe is still possible if the people around you cooperate with safety protocols. 59% of consumers want all customers and workers to wear a facemask as a way to be safe while shopping. 

On the other hand, there is an amount 32% who want a temperature check before entering.

How To Enjoy 2020 Christmas Safely

There are many factors to consider first before going on a shopping spree. First is to always have a budget. The possibility of getting short is high since christmas sales will most likely suck your money fast. Second, think carefully of what is the best option to shop whether through online or physical shopping. If you do choose to shop in malls and other establishments, always practice safety measures. This will ensure that you will be safe from the risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. Keep in mind as well that wearing a facemask and proper sanitization are the key to safe shopping.

Nevertheless, always keep your distance to other people as well. Social distancing is the simplest yet difficult for many to follow. Consumers could care less and get infected, but you can avoid this by maintaining a strict distance with other people. If you find that the shop you are interested in is full of people, it would be better to avoid entering in instead. You could always shop online and have a contactless pickup for your safety. Sanitizing the products that you purchased is a good practice as well since it can kill the virus that might be on your products.

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