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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, most people put their acts together to find something special for their lovers and friends.

Because of human procrastinating nature, most resolve for last-minute ideas from the internet. While some search for romantic getaways, others opt for tandem bicycle gifts, couples massage, and many other interesting options. 

Thankfully, internet providers have highlighted some of the top Valentine’s Day searches from different states. Below are what citizens of different states are searching for. You can use this information as well for those still in a dilemma.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Each State Googles More Frequently Than Other States

most googled gift by state

From the search results, Valentine’s Day is more than soul mates or friends celebrating romance. While some maintained the popular traditional chocolate, flowers, and champagne gift ideas, other states were creative with their Valentine’s Day searches.

Among them include ‘plus size lingerie’, which topped search results in Louisiana, ‘gift basket’ in Colorado, romantic ‘getaway’ in Montana, ‘love coupon’ in Idaho; ‘tandem bicycle’ in Iowa and New Jersey.

In Arkansas and North Dakota, ‘couple tattoos’ has the highest interest. While in Nevada and Maine, ‘couples massage’ are people’s favorite choices for Valentine’s gifts.

Who’s Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Search Interest Comparison

Like every February, internet search terms revolve around Valentine’s Day.

Data from Google Trends indicate that the term “Valentine’s gift for him” was searched more than x2 times the term “Valentine’s gifts for her” was searched. This means that although women are the ones who give more gifts, it is men who spend more money on gifts.

According to a study conducted by, men spend $339 on average while women plan to spend significantly less, approximately $64, which is less than 5 times the amount spent by men. However, despite spending more, men have higher expectations for this day than women. Interestingly, men expect $211 to be spent on them, while women expect an average of $154.

Where Are People Getting Their Gifts?

Where Are People Getting Their Gifts?

With interesting Valentine’s ideas, the places where people get these gifts are equally surprising.

The majority, 36%, preferred ordering their gifts from department stores; 32% get their gifts from discount stores and online stores, 19% preferred specialty stores, 17% will go to florists for their flowers, 15% from local businesses, and 11% from jewelry stores and specialty clothing stores.


To ascertain these figures, analyzed Google Trend’s statistics on the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in various states from 2004 to 2020. The study analyzed gift searches from 50 states, including Washington, DC to determine what most people searched in different states. Note that these gifts are not the most popular gift to receive, necessarily, but the most searched for items, based on Google activity.

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