[Infographic] How Many Americans Could Trump’s Treatment Save?

Michael Lewis

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the United States of America sits on top of the list for the country with the most COVID cases as of October 2020 with nearly 8 million cases and 291,000+ deaths on its record and as we all know, death rates continue to rise because not everyone can afford the proper treatment since it is expensive. COVID treatment costs around $30,000, and the lowest is $15,289, but for President Donald Trump’s case, it cost around $500,000. This unnecessary large amount of money could have been used to help lots of COVID patients in the U.S. and even provide more masks, ventilators, and other equipment in Hospitals.

How Many Americans Could Trump's Treatment Save?

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Trump invented the cure to Covid-19

After President Donald Trump finished his treatment, people wondered why his recovery was faster than other people’s regular treatments. Dr. Sean Conley even said that the President was stable and there were no signs his illness progressed.

Overall, he has responded extremely well to treatment without evidence on examination of adverse therapeutic effects,” he added.Leading Americans baffled how he achieved such fast recovery while 8 million and counting of his people are struggling. Trump even said that he feels “Powerful” and will kiss supporters. Maybe Trump invented the cure that we all have been waiting for.

How much does Trump's treatment cost?

Based on the Lung Health Institution, the cost for lung-involved disease treatment cost around $3,000-$7000 depending on the severity of the condition, but for President Donald Trump, it cost him $18,579.

President Trump also took Monoclonal antibody treatments to stimulate his immune system. The average cost for monoclonal antibodies approved by the US Food and Drug Administration is around $96,731, however for the President, since he has the fortune and wants to be recovered right away, he spent a whopping amount of $386,924 for this. In addition, his Antiviral medication cost him $3,120 per five-day course.

For his X-ray, which is the cheapest treatment on the list, it cost him $285, but for his CT scan, it is expected to be around $2,239.

President Donald Trump went to a Hospital called Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, now of course the President did not go there in an ambulance. He took two Helicopter rides back and forth which is estimated to be worth around $78,000..

Overall, the total cost for President Donald Trump’s COVID treatment is $489,147 and when it comes to the round-up aspect, we are looking at approximately $500,000.

To all Americans, here is how you beat the Covid-19

First of all, book a helicopter ride that costs more than your other treatments and go to the nearest Hospital that you cannot afford. Afterward, check into the 6 room VIP suite to get the special room treatment that you totally deserve that comes with excellent food, cleaning service, and protective equipment for aides.

Surely it is also critical to demand a 24-hour team service along with the newest drugs and treatments for a speedy recovery. After receiving the best healthcare you could get from a very prestigious hospital with expensive treatment, return home to a fulltime in-house medical facility, and of course have the government pay the bills,

Lastly, tell your people how easy it was to conquer COVID in a matter of days that there is nothing more to worry about.

How the money could have been used

Using Trump’s overly expensive treatment cost, this could have covered 33 Americans’ COVID Bills. There may be a lot more out there but allocating the large amount of money by sharing it to fellow Americans would have helped mitigate the continuing rising cases and save up the money of those patients who are financially unstable.

Since COVID test kits are scarce, the money used on Trump’s treatment could have spared 100 COVID test kits. After the development of the vaccine is completed, 125,000 Vaccine doses would have been purchased if Trump used the money on that.