49% of Americans Hestitate to Go to the Gym after Covid-19

I. Survey Demographic

Who Took The Survey

We surveyed 1,000 Americans who are gym-goers from 18 years to 73 years. 54% of them are male while 46% are female.

  • Based on the data, Millennials and Gen X  have the most interest in fitness at home
  • 56% are the Millennials interested in at-home workouts, and 24% are those from Gen X
  • The Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation are the generations least interested in fitness
  • 8% and 2% of the respondents are baby boomers and silent generation are interested in working out, accordingly

II. Survey Results

Parts of the Body Are the Most Challenging to Workout at Home

Using Fitness Apps and Online Resources

  • 81% are into the use of fitness apps and online training courses with licensed fitness trainers when going through their workout
  • 61% of our respondents believe that these apps are helpful to develop the most difficult parts of their body when it comes to fitness
  • 20% of our respondents say that fitness apps, online fitness courses, and remote training with personal trainers do not help them at all