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October 2nd, 2015

How To Save On Workout Supplements

For many people, simply eating well and exercising regularly is enough for them to stay in shape. But if you’re serious about creating a better body and building as much muscle as you possibly can, then you’re probably using workout shakes and nutritional supplements to help the process along. Shakes and supplements are a great way to boost your nutritional intake and hasten the body building process. Their only weakness is that they can start to break your budget. If you’re looking to save some money on your workout shakes and supplements, here are five helpful tips.

1. Buy only what you really need. There are so many shakes and supplements out there, and it’s easy to go from occasionally drinking a shake after a workout or taking one supplement per day to having an entire shelf full of products that claim to build a better body. Do you really need all of those products? Probably not. Take some time to think about what your goals are, then figure out what nutrition you’ll need to meet those goals and buy only the products that contain what you need.

2. Don’t buy pre-made shakes. Yes, they’re totally convenient, but they’re also expensive (not to mention wasteful, with all of those single use containers). Instead, buy powdered mix in the biggest quantity you can afford (as bigger containers typically cost less per ounce) and make your own shakes. If you need one to go, put it in a reusable cup or mug.

3. Comparison shop for the best deals. You’ll often find the best prices on shakes and supplements online, but be sure that you factor the cost of shipping into the price. Also, watch for good deals on these products; they typically happen in January, when people resolve to get in shape, and in the springtime, when people are thinking about how they’ll look on the beach.

4. Consider buying generic brands. They definitely cost less, and while they’re not always the same as name brands, many generics are more or less equivalent to the pricer brands. Read the labels to make sure that the generic you’re looking at contains a comparable nutritional profile to the name brand; if it’s equivalent, go for the generic.

5. Eat well to avoid having to spend a lot of money to supplement your nutrition. This involves taking some time to learn about nutrients and what foods are rich in them. The good news is that there are lots of inexpensive whole foods that are perfect for anyone who is serious about sculpting a better body. Eggs, vegetables, lean meats, and nuts can all be found for nominal costs at your local grocery store. If you eat wisely and well, you’ll have to supplement less.


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