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June 26th, 2019

22 Interesting Ways Celebrities Stay Rich By Being Cheap

  1. Lebron James never turns on data roaming on his phone, he never buys apps, and he always gets the cheapest subscriptions. If he can save as little as $5, he will gladly do it. Sources suggest James gives minuscule tips. Surprising, coming from someone who signed a lifetime contract with Nike for approximately $1 billion.
  1. As someone who grew up in a family that struggled financially, Sarah Jessica Parker has some strict saving habits, such as collecting hand-me-downs from her older nephews to dress her children. Ironically, she is famous for her exquisite taste in fashion.
  1. With an incredible $200 million fortune, Leonardo DiCaprio stills owns a single car. It is not even a fancy sports car but a Toyota Prius. He also saves money by flying commercially instead of hiring private jets. Apparently, cheap and environmentally-friendly transportation is DiCaprio’s way of being frugal.
  1. To cut down on the costs of her lavish lifestyle, Madonna doesn’t give holiday bonuses to her staff, considering that working for her is a great luck in itself.
  1. Paul McCartney refused to pay for his daughter post-secondary school from his $800 million fortune. However, the most astonishing example of his frugality is asking his guests to pay for their own drinks at a party that McCartney hosted for his wife’s birthday.
  1. Besides publicly fighting with his ex-wife and stepchildren over money, Mick Jagger has had other episodes of stinginess. He was accused of trying to bargain with prostitutes, in the hopes of getting a better price.
  1. One of Lady Gaga’s unusual saving habits is collecting coupons, which she uses to pay for her groceries. She also confessed on Twitter that she always likes to bargain when shopping for clothes.
  1. Mark Zuckerberg likes to know exactly where each of his dollars is going and he has fought hotels even for insignificant charges on the bills. More than once, he declined to tip at restaurants. He is not generous but he is also not pretentious as he lives in a modest house and had his wedding in his own backyard.
  1. In stark contrast to his character from the “Fast and Furious” movies, Ludacris is very financially savvy and does not seem eager to spend his money on expensive sports cars. Actually, he drives an Acura that he bought in 1993.
  1. Usher cuts down on his expenses in rather embarrassing ways, according to multiple accounts from his fans. Notoriously a bad tipper, he once left his autograph to make up for not leaving an actual tip.
  1. In a world where weddings are a great opportunity for lavish spending and flaunting one’s money, Kristen Bell and her husband had an incredibly modest wedding that cost them $142, including the gas to get to the courthouse. This is not the sole example of Bell’s frugality. She admitted going in a $45 dress to a Hollywood gala. She also exclusively shops with discount flyers and coupons, for which she might go as far as to steal them out of her neighbors’ mailboxes.
  1. Despite her growing fortune and her dazzling public appearances, Zooey Deschanel does not like to spend her money on designer clothes, like most celebrities. She does not consider expensive things a measure of one’s style and is happy hunting good deals at thrift shops, where she is a frequent client.
  1. When not busy shooting “Game of Thrones”, Peter Dinklage takes personal care of his property in New York, even if it involves physical work. Instead of hiring a gardener, he bought a chainsaw to learn how to cut down branches by himself.
  1. Eric Clapton saves money in strange ways considering his $250 million net worth. He does this own laundry at laundromats and he always wears modest clothes such as old jeans, tennis shoes, and worn out jackets. Fancy or extravagant is not something he aims for.
  1. Despite earning $50 million from his NFL contracts, Marshawn Lynch lives like he is broke, according to his friends. His secret to staying rich is choosing the cheapest alternative to anything. Even when eating out with friends, Lynch sticks to the cheapest things on the menu.
  1. Although he is the third-richest man on the planet, Warren Buffet thinks that his most extravagant expense is enjoying a less than $4 daily breakfast at McDonald’s, where he pays with exact change. With a fortune of $74 billion, Buffet could spoil himself more, yet he has lived in the same modest house for decades, driving the same old car.
  1. While on a movie date with his younger wife, the frugal multi-millionaire Harrison Ford ordered one adult and one senior citizen tickets to save a mere $6.
  1. Kate Middleton has been seen repeatedly doing her own grocery shopping. She also refused the services of a personal dresser, preferring to choose her own clothes at department stores. Although she will become Queen of England one day, Middleton does not like to be waited on. Even more astonishing for fashion aficionados is to discover that she wears the same outfit multiple times to public events.
  1. Reese Witherspoon has been spotted many times in vintage shops and she also trades clothes with her good friends of similar-size. Recycling outfits and vintage shopping do not make her less fashionable but it saves her a good deal of money.
  1. When the shooting for “Desperate Housewives” ended, Teri Hatcher wrapped up all the furniture from her trailer and took it away to sell it.
  1. The former model Tyra Banks takes shampoo and lotion from hotels to use at home. She also ran her own renovation projects in her offices instead of spending tons of money for professional work. More surprisingly, she does not like fancy restaurants, and she admitted that Cheesecake Factory is her most fancy option when eating out.
  1. To save money but also to show support for British people who struggle financially, Queen Elizabeth committed herself to turning off the lights at Buckingham Palace, as many sources report.



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