Terms of Service

Understanding the Terms of Service for CouponLawn.com - Your Guide to Responsible Use

Last updated: 15/02/2023

1. Terms Of Service

a) CouponLawn.com, a brand of PROSPR VENTURES PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “CouponLawn.com“, “we“, “us“, or “our“) offers users a database of digital coupons (hereinafter refered to as the “Service”) and is accessible through the website at https://couponlawn.com/au. By using the Service, users gain access to coupons, which can be applied online, of partnered merchants (hereinafter referred to as the “Merchants”). By using the Service, all users hereby agree and accept all legal responsibilities set-out in these Terms of Use (“Terms“) regardless of whether users register for the Service or use it anonymously. The Terms represent and enforce a binding legal obligation between users and CouponLawn.com for the access and use of the Service.

b) Please read these Terms, our Privacy Policy (https://couponlawn.com/au/privacy) and our Disclaimer (https://couponlawn.com/au/disclaimer). Should you disagree with any of the conditions and terms set out in these Terms, our Privacy Policy and our Disclaimer, please do not use CouponLawn.com or any of its services.

c) CouponLawn.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion and on prospective basis, to change, alter, add, discontinue, and modify all or any aspects of the Service. The users are responsible for staying up to date with any changes, alterations, additions, discontinuations or modifications made to the Service. By continuing your use and accessing of the service post any changes, you hereby agree to accept all terms of service and acknowledge that couponlawn.Com is not responsible for notifying you of any changes made.

2. Service Access

a) To access specific features of the Service, you will be required to sign up and submit personal information in order to create an account with CouponLawn.com. By providing this information to CouponLawn.com, you confirm that it is accurate and complete. You also agree and acknowledge that by creating an account you are completely responsible for all actions and submissions made from your account. If an instance arises where your account has been used without your authorization, please contact us immediately.

b) All content submitted on behalf of users is subject to our approval and can be removed at any time without notice at our discretion. By submitting content to CouponLawn.com, you warrant and guarantee that you have the right to use, post and release this content without any required authorization from a third party. You also guarantee and warrant that the content you submit does not infringe on patents, trademarks, copyrights or any other right of others.

c) CouponLawn.com restricts certain types of content and includes but is not limited to the following: adult content, explicit content, hateful content, illegal content and any content that we deem offensive or inappropriate. CouponLawn.com also has non-exclusive, global and ongoing right to use the content submitted by users for the purpose of the Service. We have absolute rights to the content you provide and can use it in any way we want without any notifications or obligations to you.

3. Service Content

a) CouponLawn.com does not warrant or provide assurance to the accuracy or usability of all information provided through the Service. This applies to all promotional codes, discount codes and coupon codes offered and the usability of these codes via the Service with Merchants. We are also do not guarantee or promise that the Service provides value for the discounts, rebates, offer and coupons made available on the website published at https://couponlawn.com. CouponLawn.com also does not guarantee or warrant that the Service will remain without interruptions, errors or defects. Under no circuimstance will CouponLawn.com or its affiliates be held liable for any kind of damages related to third party’s offers irrelevant of the contractual or liability obligations and irrelevant of any notices of possible damages made.

b) The user acknowledges that any link pointed towards or from the Service does not infer that CouponLawn.com is related to or affiliated with the any third party. We forego all liability for any damages incurred through the use of third parties. Each user is responsible for reviewing and agreeing to the terms of service, privacy policy and disclaimer of all third parties used outside of CouponLawn.com.

c) CouponLawn.com and all of its properties remain proprietary possessions of CouponLawn.com any use of the content available throughout our website is prohibited and infringement will be pursued with legal action.

d) All users must refrain from violating the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). We require that all users of the Service abide by the copyright laws. Any notice relating to the infringement and violation of the copyright laws will result in immediate suspension and deletion of all material related to the violation. If a registered user is responsible for any copyright violations, we reserve absolute rights to permanently disable the user’s account from accessing and using the Service.

All infringement notices should be sent to:

160 Robinson Road #26-04 SBF Center
Singapore, 068914
Email: [email protected]