The “After $600 Checks” Life of The Unemployed Americans


In the midst of uncertainties, even the Fed checks are bound to a big change, and not every unemployed American previously gaining advantage from these checks is happy, with the implementation CARES Act fast approaching.

On 6th July, we surveyed 1059 unemployed Americans to ask about their reactions towards the expiration of the $600 unemployment insurance on 31 July. Let’s see what we found.

Our respondents

Survey Results

Unemployed Workers' Finance After The $600 Insurance Expires

The unemployed who are getting funds from the Fed will have to commit to the necessary adjustments after the $600 insurance expires. The expiration of the checks, slated to happen by the end of July will raise issues upon the beneficiaries which, in turn, will deeply impact the economy as a whole.

0 %
of the unemployed Americans believe their finance would be

At Very High Risk

Weekly Earnings of Those Who Think They Are At High Risk

We found out that a huge percentage of the workers believe their finances will be at a very high risk. The Fed checks are from a stimulus package that provides Americans with no regular jobs $600 weekly stipend as unemployment benefit. Forbes data have revealed as many as $20 million unemployed workers in the United States have been earning this weekly, until the recent changes. 

Clamors about extending the Fed checks began since the decision to change the provisions. It will give more time for the beneficiaries to make the necessary adjustments. 

$ 0
40% of unemployed Americans who are worried about the expiration can not earn more than $300 a week
Under $300
Above $900

“The objective of every single thing we’re doing is to create a situation in which Americans have the best chance to go back to their old job or their new job. That’s the overriding goal of what we’re doing, and every one of our programs helps in that direction."

John Doe, Federal Reserve Chair, said that the extension must happen Tweet

Top Financial Concern After The Stimulus Checks Expire

A large percentage of the respondents say their expenses go to household bills, including electricity, water, and Internet bills. A small amount of their weekly budget is allocated for child care.

With the extension of the $600 Fed checks, these unemployed individuals will remain to receive the benefits and the stipend, allowing them to cope up in these difficult times. However, with the government rejecting these appeals for extension, the beneficiaries will have to continue on looking for options.

However, the government ensures that even if the weekly $600 stipend stops by the 31st of July, Americans will still be governed by the expanded provisions in the CARES Act, the law on which this provision is based.

About 60%
of the unemployed Americans would not be able to afford household bills
1 in 2
unemployed Americans said they would not be able to pay for rent and mortgage
of those would not be able to afford daily groceries and household supplies
Household bills
Rent and Mortgage
Groceries and Household supplies
Healthcare and Hospitalization

“If there is another stimulus, the focus should be on individuals and small businesses truly suffering financially, scaling back unemployment benefits that encourage people not to work, & give businesses legal protection from frivolous lawsuits seeking to cash in on the pandemic”

Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Tweet

Main Reasons That The Unemployed Are Asking For The Extension

Grievances on the extension of the Fed checks are now moving forward. The reasons why these individuals are clamoring to extend their insurance checks are varied.

0 %
said they need the money to afford the living cost
0 %
are afraid that they couldn't find a job as new cases are surging
I need the money to afford the basic living costs
I am concerned about my well-being when being put to work, as new cases are surging
I am having an unexpected issue and would not need the money to cover it
I have lost the ability to work
I am in big debts

“I think people will be very shocked, the day that the $600 stops. Workers can earn as little as, like, in Arizona, the maximum benefit is only $240 a week.”

Michele Evermore, National Employment Law Project Tweet

How The Expiration Will Affect The Unemployed Americans' Lives?

Fifty-nine percent of Americans are saying they would struggle to make ends meet now that the $600 Fed stipend is probably ending on July 31st. The expiration will decrease the purchasing power of the economy, since these unemployed Americans have been spending their allowances in both basic necessities and needs. Millions will be reverted back to receiving state benefits.

0 %
would struggle to make ends meet
0 %
might have big debts
0 %
would lose the motivation to work
0 %
might have suicidal intentions

Counting Down To The Expiration



On 6 July, we surveyed 1059 unemployed Americans to ask about their concern for the expiration of the $600 Fed unemployement insurance. The survey was launched on MTurk with the target location set to the U.S. We chose the Aprroval Rate above 95% to ensure the quality of the survey results. Within the survey questions, we also used the qualifying question to exclude the answer from those who are not unemployed Americans.

As the survey is based on self-reporting, please expect small telescoping and exaggeration. However, the data is reported transparently and we commit to being responsible for the authentication of the survey results.

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